How does CBD act on pain?

How does CBD act on pain?

The cannabinoids in CBD act like hormones, although they are not exactly hormones, they act in a similar way, through receptors. Each type of receptor, through its greater or lesser affinity with CBD, plays an important role in its beneficial effects.

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The receptors that contribute to the perfection of pain are one of the main “targets” of CBD and that is why pain reduction is one of its main uses.

Is CBD effective against pain?
In the treatment of pain, there is much data that demonstrates the ability of CBD to influence it due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects . There is also solid data that the administration of a CBD ache relief cream has been shown to be effective in pain. Pain reduction was more effective if the starting pain was more intense. We can also find evidence that CBD can help relieve menstrual cramps thanks to its anti-inflammatory action.

Are CBD anti-inflammatory creams effective?
CBD has a beneficial effect on cell regeneration, relaxes and calms pain in the application areas. Phexia's anti-inflammatory creams also contain CBD in high concentrations to guarantee their effectiveness. This, together with other powerful active ingredients such as arnica, chili or menthol , make our anti-inflammatory creams a true ally to relieve joint and muscle pain for any reason.

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What is the most powerful anti-inflammatory cream?
Mayday has the highest concentration of CBD on the market, 6% (9,000 mg) , which gives it an unparalleled ability to recover affected areas, providing a pleasant sensation of relief.

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