What are the benefits of CBD for pain?

What are the benefits of CBD for pain?

The barriers and prejudices that prevent the medical potential of the CBD plant from helping those with certain ailments are becoming less and less. There are also more laws and medical studies that support the medicinal and therapeutic properties of one of its most important cannabidiol. Therefore, today we tell you everything about the use of CBD for pain.

The qualities of cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, are still unknown to many. This is mainly because it is often associated with the marijuana plant and its psychoactive properties . However, CBD has enormous potential to take care of people's health, very beneficial characteristics that, since nest. we think you should know.

What is CBD?
CBD is a cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant, whose main quality is to minimize the psychoactive effects caused by tetrahydrocannabinol , or THC for short. Both components are present in different proportions in the plant, depending on the concentration which is being discussed.

The regulating effect of CBD for pain means the opening of endless paths in the medical field, in which recent studies support its efficacy during the treatment of certain ailments related to discomfort in the body.

This is mainly related to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD for pain , presenting itself as a natural alternative to other traditional methods.

What is pain?
Pain in general terms occurs when the nervous system sends a set of receptive signals to the brain through a complete process that indicates that something is not working as it should with a specific part of our body. It is a precursor sign of a problem, which serves as an alert so that we can receive the appropriate treatment, depending on the area in which it occurs.

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It has different classifications, which vary according to its intensity and duration. Depending on the intensity with which it occurs, it is classified as mild, moderate and severe , while taking into account the duration of its effects on the body, it can be divided into acute pain and chronic pain .

Chronic pain
Acute pain is simply a temporary manifestation of certain discomforts in the body, while chronic pain presents prolonged effects of the same.

This type of pain is usually common among people who suffer from conditions and diseases that directly affect the physical health of the body. Pain can be considered chronic when it lasts for more than 90 days.

How does CBD work for pain?
CBD can be a great ally to combat pain, especially in cases of chronic pain that require long treatments to achieve definitive relief. There are several studies that affirm that taking CBD for pain contributes to the treatment of the following conditions:

Arthritic pain
Arthritis is a condition that worsens over time, and that produces repeated inflammation. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, using CBD for arthritic pain can be a great solution to calm annoying swelling, and relieve the discomfort caused by arthritic inflammation.

Inflammatory pain
Inflammatory pains are part of the natural process that the body goes through to alert that a part of the body needs rest in order to heal. These are really uncomfortable discomforts that CBD can help alleviate.

There are various studies that guarantee the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD for pain, demonstrating its feasibility to calm the symptoms generated by inflammatory reactions in the body.

Lastly, the chronic symptoms that occur in fibromyalgia are also compatible with CBD pain treatment. Cannabidiol has anxiolytic, antidepressant and antioxidant properties; conditions that commonly occur when these conditions are suffered, depending on each specific situation of the patient.

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How to take CBD for pain?
There are many ways to take CBD for pain. There are some methods that are faster to act than others. CBD oils usually work faster as the CBD enters the bloodstream directly, in about 15 to 40 minutes. If we use creams or oils as a lotion, that is, in topical format, the response may take longer, about 90 minutes to enter the bloodstream, so we can seek a higher concentration of CBD.

Route of administration
As we told you, the routes of administration of CBD for pain can be very varied, depending on the symptoms that we want to alleviate. For example, it will not be the same to treat the pain caused by osteoarthritis, than the damage derived from a knee injury. CBD can be administered orally, sublingually, topically, vaporized …etc. Obviously this fact will cause the bioavailability, that is, the amount of active ingredient in the blood, to vary.

Before swallowing CBD oil, it is advisable to keep it under the tongue for a while, since it is absorbed more quickly by those blood vessels that we have in that part of our body.

Proper dosage
As we mentioned, bioavailability varies depending on the type of administration route we use for CBD for pain.

All the experts agree on something; Finding the right dose of CBD for pain is not as simple as calculating the dose of a standard medicine, since there is no specific dose of CBD valid for any patient.

The doses of CBD for pain depend on many factors , such as the BMI, or body mass index, the tolerance of the person, the medical history, the medications that they are taking at that moment or the level of pain that they have or the routes of administration.

The best way to calculate the appropriate dose, using CBD for pain, is to have an expert give you a series of indications or do the calculations yourself. In this way, knowing the total ml that an oil has, you will be able to calculate the amount of mg of CBD that is in each drop. In the case of capsules it is even simpler.

It is best to start with a small dose and increase depending on the response of our body. You have to be patient with this process, and don't expect to notice results with the first use. According to experts, the improvement begins to become apparent after eight weeks of regular use of CBD for pain .

Of course, if at any time you notice that it produces a side effect, it would be best to suspend or reduce the dose. In the same way, in Nido we have already informed you in a post about the side effects of CBD and the safety of taking this substance compared to others, especially to treat pain.

CBD for pain: how does it work?
Our endocannabinoid system is the one that processes CBD, thanks to its receptors and the one that helps us to synthesize it. CBD acts in our brain by reducing the sensation of pain, reducing blood pressure or lowering the level of inflammation. In addition to CBD for pain, it has many other benefits on a physical or emotional level, since it increases chemicals such as serotonin.

CBD benefits for pain
Taking CBD for pain is an increasingly popular option , especially since it has few side effects. The way to take CBD is completely personalized and adapts to each person's level of pain and tolerance. CBD for pain is not addictive and has many more advantages in our body.

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