CBD Infused Foods


We source specific strains of hemp that are responsibly grown, harvested, and processed by hand in Virginia.


We select varieties that we feel have the most array of potential benefit tailored to the products we are using. Our entire line of products is manufactured within a 30-mile radius of where of our partner farm is located. We utilize a carefully curated Cryogenic Ethanol Process to produce an incredibly potent oleoresin (Extract). This oleoresin is laden with not only CBD, but the widest array of other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytochemicals that create an unbeatable synergistic effect, compounding off each other to create a powerful, unique wellness benefit. Simply, we have discovered a way to retain all the amazing qualities of the whole flower natural properties. Through gentle hands-on processing, we do not lose these other beneficial qualities while achieving a product truly reflective of the love and tender care given to plants throughout the yearlong process it customarily takes! We chose not to use mass-produced "industrial" quality hemp because we fear the loss of these quality nuances that affords us with a batch made product.


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